Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

With the holiday season dwindling down, we face the inevitable task of weaning ourselves off of Christmas music. There’s no artist more equipped to handle this daunting task than Bon Iver.

Vernon is slated to release a compilation album with longtime friend Paul Bunyan, pending negotiations with bandmate Babe the Blue Ox

Bon Iver, brainchild of Justin Vernon, twists the French phrase “bon hiver”. After three semesters of struggling through French 101, translating that to “good winter” just about exhausts my understanding of the language. His debut album For Emma, Forever Ago was recorded during a three-month sojourn in Wisconsin. The album chronicles his heartbreak and longing, ruminations and revelations. The songs are thick with emotion, stories of love and loss, and each one hauntingly beautiful.

Merciful dumpings: Suggest that he is Bon Iver and you are Emma and that the whole album may have been a time-travel singularity

Winter’s still in full swing – there are blankets of snow coating the ground outside and computer generated snowflakes fluttering down the page. During the harsh months ahead, we will be tempted to develop a thick layer of blubber and hibernate indefinitely. Bon Iver intervenes with music that will change your mind. So let’s diagnose ourselves with Seasonal Affective Disorder, smuggle flasks of Theraflu Warming Relief into class, and bump these beats in our cosy homes until spring sets us free.

Sounds like: gazing through a frosted windowpane, warming your feet underneath someone else’s legs, sleeping in your clothes

Listen: Bon Iver – Re: stacks

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