The Moldy Peaches – Nothing Came Out

Rocketing towards you from the year 2001 (the glory days of my middle part) is the Moldy Peaches’ “Nothing Came Out”.

The band boasts a rich cultural significance and historical background. Lead lady Kimya Dawson has a penchant for wearing a bunny suit on stage. Her co-conspirator, Adam Green, had a great-grandmother that was engaged to Franz Kafka.


Recorded in the catacombs of a basement in Washington, this song is sweet and quirky and earnest. Talk of crushes and cartoons will have you pink-cheeked with nostalgia!

All I want to do is ride bikes with you
And stay up late and maybe spoon

Go ahead and cue this track up on your Walkman. You can finally rekindle that gnawing feeling in your stomach as you waited for puddingpants672to appear on your AIM buddy list, while sweating profusely in your Old Navy Performance Fleece. What could be better?

Listen: The Moldy Peaches – Nothing Came Out

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