In Which Rihanna Is My Patron Saint


Sometimes I skim through previous posts and I notice that it may appear to my readers (or parents) as though I exist in a constant world of whimsy and gelato. And while my daily routine does involve a lot of both, I’m also enrolled in a rigorous art program here! As proof, I thought I’d offer up a slice of my sketchbook.

 Our class toured the Capitoline, which is home to the remains of Constantine’s statue, 40 feet tall and carved of white marble. Its monstrous size was supposed to leave a permanent reminder of his presence in Rome long after he left. As we bopped around the exhibits, I couldn’t stop picturing monumental historical and religious figures in the most irreverent of contexts (or tweeting things like, ‘Rihanna is my patron saint’). I ended up drawing this:

Constantine. The first Roman emperor to convert to Christiantity. Issued Edict of Milan in 313 which proclaimed religious tolerance of all religions throughout the land. In the 2006 NBA All-Star game, he led the East to victory with a 29 point, 6 rebound, 2 assist performance.

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