Five Mistakes To Stop Making This Year

Here are five mistakes we will all stop making this year (we hope).

Getting lost in Haley From freshmen to fifth years, there is not one among us who can claim to understand the layout of Haley Center. No matter how many classes you’ve had there, you still routinely find yourself wandering through its dark recesses praying you don’t encounter a Minotaur. This is the year you finally nail down that complex mnemonic device (four…for Foy…), or maybe just memorize your route to class and never deviate from it.

Making proximity friendships At the beginning of every fall semester, you’re guaranteed to meet some people you won’t know by spring. These are called proximity friendships because they arise from convenience, not compatibility. It stands to reason that you might find friends you share more with than that guy lurking around the lobby of your dormitory at 2 a.m. Join organizations, volunteer or find a church where you can meet like-minded peers. This year, you’re not going to settle for Steve just because he lives next door and owns a Blu-Ray capable television.

Tripping on the concourse The concourse is uneven, but I don’t have to tell you that. You have scuffed shoes, scraped knees and your own searing public humiliation as evidence[…]

Five Mistakes To Stop Making This Year

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