In Which I’m Like The Taylor Swift Of Creative Non-Fiction


“When you are with someone who doesn’t know yet that they won’t be able to love you back, your eyes go milky. You see life through a new filter. It will seem monumental and ripe with meaning. You will feed on the idea of a future with them. You think they will never go, that things could never return to the way they were before. But they will, and they do. You will sift through the charred remains of what you thought you knew and call them unsalvageable. Every time will feel like the last time. This is how it will go.” 

My story “Controlled Burn” was published by W.W. Norton after placing as a runner-up in their Writer’s Prize competition. What began as a furious journal entry after being unceremoniously dumped my freshman year of college turned into a full-fledged manifesto of ex-boyfriends past.

You can read it here!

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