Auburn Bucket List, No. 11


11. The Pine Hill Cemetery Lantern Tour. I notice my precious town’s resemblance to Stars Hollow, with all of its full-scale production town square celebrations, on an almost daily basis. But no event quite nails the intersection of earnestness and kitsch like the Pine Hill Cemetery lantern tour. During this event, townspeople come out to play the ghosts of late Auburn legends who are buried there, my favorite of which is “Uncle Billy” who insisted on being buried above ground in his double bed with his slippers underneath. Volunteers dress in period costume and regale visitors with the story of their life and, quaintly, their death. The entire event is delightfully irreverent and innocently absurd, and that makes attendance an absolute necessity before leaving Auburn. And there’s good news! After a year-long slumber, the lantern tours are back for 2013. See you on October 10, ladies and ghouls.


The aforementioned Uncle Billy, portrayed by local townsperson

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