The Playlists of Autumns Past

Happy first day of fall, folks! This season is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the year. And it’s not because of the proliferation of pumpkin-flavored treats. It’s the huge emotional upheaval that the drop in temperatures always seems to bring with it. All it takes is the smell of a burned out fire for the events of autumns past suddenly come swarming back to you in vivid detail. It’s how that first fall breeze carries memories of every fall that came before it, creating a weird mix of nostalgia, longing, and possibility. 

I have more playlists devoted to fall than anything else – that’s right, even breakups. So, now that summer is officially over, I’m ready to crank my mix CDs to full-volume and take a drive with my car windows rolled down and a sweater on. I live in Texas now, so that dream might still be a couple weeks (or months) away. Historically I’ve found the best way to usher in a new season is to adopt all it’s rituals until the weather follows. So grab a cup of hot cider, cozy up with a blanket, and put on on of the many fall mixes linked below. 

1. GOOD MELANCHOLY. For when you’re sad and want to be sadder. Listen to this one during a thunderstorm, with your window open and eyes closed.

2. TX. For crossing state lines. Listen to this one on the highway at night.

3. LONG SEPTEMBER. For when someone you love is really far away. Listen to this in perfect sync with whoever you’re missing and it will be like you’re together again (almost). 

4. AUTUMNAL BLISS. For walking outside to the first cool morning of autumn. Listen to this in headphones while agressively crunching leaves underfoot.

5. 7 REASONS TO DROP OUT. For six weeks into the semester. Listen to this while packing a bag, throwing on an overcoat, and skipping town without leaving a note.

6. OLE SEPTEMBER BLUES. For gently bidding summer farewell. Listen to this one during the strange in-between of summer and fall, when your heart says boots but the weather report says sandals.

7. FALLING FAST. For falling in love in the fall. Listen to this when you finally realize that it’s happening.

8. FOR LATE FALL. For preparing to hibernate all winter. Listen to this while thawing your cold feet against someone else’s warm ones.

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