In Which We Avoid Eye Contact

Happy Halloween! Without fail, my halloween routine looks like this: a) waiting until the last minute to come up with a costume, b) spending little to no money on said costume and c) panicking. It’s a cherished, time-honored tradition for me. This year, I’m attending a casual Halloween party thrown by some new friends, which just adds another element of chaos to the mix. In that kind of setting, you can never predict whether the rest of the party-goers will show up in full body paint and feathers, or just festive holiday sweaters.

When I really start to really think about it, I can trace this anxiety back to its root. In elementary school, I showed up for the school-wide Pirate Day and sauntered through the classroom doors in a very elaborate, very jangly costume only to realize that I’d gotten the dates mixed up. Perhaps it was the the experience of stowing a peg leg under my desk for an entire school day that made me wary of costume parties. 

In any case, I usually opt for something simple. The idea is for my costume to look effortless, instead of like a last-ditch Hail Mary attempt at getting dressed up (which it inevitably was). This year, I decided to go as Medusa and transform Thomas into a man she turned into stone, especially since his closet is almost exclusively gray already. I’ll pair my crown of snakes with a ton of gold jewelry, a flowing white dress, and grecian sandals. Another traumatic costume party successfully avoided. Here are the instructions I found for this majestic headpiece!

Supplies: a double-banded headband, plastic snakes, wire, and gold spray paint (something I am never without). Instructions: I wired the rubber snakes to the headband + then spray painted the whole thing gold. Cost: Less than $10! But scraping by on minimal little effort? Priceless.

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