A Woman’s Worth: Hot Girls Wanted, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Rookie Mag

Over the past few weeks, there’s a topic that seems to be coming up in every little pocket of the internet that I explore. It’s something that feels so distant from my everyday (did you know women couldn’t even get a credit card without their husband’s permission until 1974?) and yet also very close (like all the accounts of sexual harassment that have come out of the tech industry in which I work). Here are a few of the ways that those ideas have been making me think, cry, and laugh lately:

For Emergencies Only: Lessons on Personal Finance

My Personal Finance 101 journey began freshman year of college when my dad gave me a box set of Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” CDs to listen to on my seven-hour drive to school. He told me if I listened to one CD every hour, I could buy myself lunch using the For Emergencies Only Credit Card he’d reluctantly given me.

My “Holy Grail” Beauty & Skincare Products

When I was a teenager (and well into college), it was a feat just to remember to wash my face before bed. My freshman year roommate took it one step further: in order to sleep in as late a possible — but still make it to class on time — she would apply a full face of makeup the night before and just lie perfectly still on her back for 8 hours.

Our Little Corner of the Internet

It has begun to feel like there’s nowhere I really belong on social media. I’ve been Facebook-free since 2015. Twitter has become so cluttered that it’s essentially useless. Instagram is just the same ten photographs over and over, posted by different people. I used to really love reading blogs but they have become so commoditized that the personal narratives I care about have been almost entirely replaced by vapid copy and affiliate links. Where’s a girl to turn?