Content Strategy Case Studies

I am a digital marketing and content strategist with extensive experience creating and directing work for different brands, audiences, and industries.

The writing below has helped brands like Campaign Monitor and Golden Spiral boost organic traffic and raise brand awareness in order to attract, convert, and retain more paying customers.

Campaign Monitor: Content Campaigns

Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2019

About: At Campaign Monitor, I created a B2B landing page titled “Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2019: By Industry & Day”. This report leveraged proprietary product data to create a timely, comprehensive guide to 2019 email marketing benchmarks that drilled down into how industry-specific campaigns performed based on billions of Campaign Monitor customer emails.


  • 25K+ visits within first three months of publishing
  • Ranks in the No. 1 position for a very competitive key search term
  • Over 8M+ earned impressions through media coverage

Sample Coverage:

The Ultimate Guide to Gen Z Marketing in 2019

About: At Campaign Monitor, I led the creation of a premium guide titled “The Ultimate Guide to Gen Z Marketing in 2019″ after noticing a gap in the market. Though marketing publications were constantly talking about millennials, not many were talking about Gen Z. For our target audience, email marketers, Gen Z is an important demographic to understand and reach with marketing. This report leveraged responses from 600+ Gen Zers to create a thorough, informational guide to understanding the world’s newest big spenders.


  • 10K visits within first three months of publishing
  • Ranked in the No. 1 position for key search term within two weeks
  • Over 47M+ earned impressions through media coverage

Sample Coverage:

Mailchimp vs. Campaign Monitor | Comparison Page

About: While at Campaign Monitor, I helped launch and write a series of competitive comparison pages that gave ESP buyers a clear-eyed look at the differences between our product and our top competitors. This down-funnel content captured organic traffic and provided a resource for our buyers during the consideration phase of choosing a technology platform.


  • Ranked in the No. 1 position for key search term within four weeks
  • Leveraged by marketing and sales teams during key buying moments as the competitive landscape changed rapidly in 2019

The State of Small Business Marketing in 2019

About: At Campaign Monitor, I led the creation of a premium guide titled “The State of Small Business Marketing in 2019″ as a pillar piece of content for our multi-channel Small Business campaign, targeting SMEs who were interested in digital marketing. This report leveraged responses from over 1k small business marketers to show what was working, what wasn’t, and what marketing channels they were planning to invest in for the coming year.


  • Resulted in 800+ downloads within the first week of launching
  • Over 20K organic search impressions in 3 months
  • Garnered 3,000+ hits in first month after launch
  • Leveraged in paid Demand Generation efforts

Brand Guidelines & Blog Post Format

About: When I started at Campaign Monitor in March 2018, there was no documented content strategy or process. Within six months, I created a Multi-Channel Content Calendar, Brand Style Guide, a standardized Blog Post Template, a Content Analytics Dashboard, a system for incorporating SEO keyword research into our content creation process. I then provided training to in-house writers, freelancers, and vendors to onboard everyone to the new process and system

Results: Those added efficiencies allowed us to increase content production by 200% and reduce costs associated with our content marketing team by 50% within my first 6 months.

Golden Spiral: B2B Tech Marketing Content

At Golden Spiral, a marketing agency for technology companies, I wrote blog prospect-focused content for the agency site all about marketing best practices. In the course of nearly three years, I became an expert on all things SaaS marketing — or, as our CEO put it, “You essentially got a master’s degree in technology marketing.” I’ll take it. Here is a selection of articles from my time at Golden Spiral:

Embracing the New B2B Buyer Journey

Accessibility Guidelines for B2B Technology Websites

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Increase Inbound Leads

Generating B2B Leads Through Content Marketing

How to Segment Content According to Buyer Persona

Two Things Your Website Must Have to Appeal to B2B Tech Buyers

What the Changing Demands of B2B Buyers Mean for Your Marketing Strategy

Leverage SaaS Onboarding for Customer Retention & Referrals

The Digital Concierge: Catering to Business Buyers’ B2C Expectations

Why Your Next Website Redesign Will Fail

How to Align Sales & Marketing with Revenue Goals

Why B2b Technology Companies Should Be on Social

Drive SaaS Company Growth by Identifying Your North Star Metric

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Your Inbound Marketing Initiatives

Three Secrets to Writing a Successful White Paper [Free Download]

Attract Top-Tier Tech Talent with Recruitment Marketing

7 Ways to Brainstorm Content Ideas for Your B2B Tech Brand

5 Essential Steps for Creating Your 2018 SaaS Marketing Plan

Top SaaS Marketing Tactics to Include in Your 2018 Strategy

Optimize Your Tech Marketing Efforts for Talent Acquisition

The Biggest B2B Takeaways from Marketing United

Why Your Company Podcast Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Why You Should Leverage Linkedin Publisher for B2B Content Marketing

The Problem with Buyer Personas

How to Create a Competitive Marketing Analysis [Template]

The 3 Keys to Winning B2B Buyer Trust [Video]

Getting Started: Social Media Strategy for B2B Brands

6 Proven Priorities for B2B Marketing Success

5 Ways to Boost Conversions on Your B2B Landing Page

Top 4 Mistakes Companies Make When Marketing Tech Products

Top Tactics for Effective B2B Content Marketing

Client Work: Cybersecurity, HealthTech, CRMs, FinTech, Wearable Technology & More

In my agency and freelance experience, I wrote content for multiple industries within the technology space. Below, find examples of my writing on everything from cybersecurity to CRMs and more.

Cybersecurity Content

Healthcare Cybersecurity 2017 Mid-Year Horizon Report

Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry

Compliance Scanning: The Missing Piece of Vulnerability Management

Fortified Health Security Horizon Report 2016|2017

King’s Daughters Medical Center – Cybersecurity Case Study

Ransomware: An OverviewStaffing Solutions Info Sheet

Health Tech

EHR Solutions Info Sheet

Corporate Overview Info Sheet

AtlantiCare BI&A Case Study

7 Key Characteristic of a Successful EHR Implementation Testing Strategy

IS Management Partnership Info Sheet


E2E Activation Services Info Sheet

Phoebe Putney Health Case Study

Critical Aspects of a BI&A Program

BI&A Info Sheet

Wearable Technology Content

How Wearable Technology is Helping Bridge the Skilled Trades Gap

Giving the Customer What No One Else Can

Expert Insight on Every Service Call With XOEye

The Impact of Innovation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Content

White Paper: Growing Banks in the Millennial Market (White Paper)

Introducing the New & Improved CRM 101 [White Paper] (White Paper)

Risk Management Content

3 Challenges of Disconnected Software

Safran Risk Streamlines Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

The Problem of Real-Time Schedule/Risk Analysis

The Solution to Real-Time Schedule Risk Analysis

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